Art Scholarships

If you are interested in art, but aren’t sure how you’re going to pay for college, art scholarships may be the answer. Many of these types of scholarships are specific to certain geographic locations or college, so it’s important to check the guidelines of the scholarship before applying.

One art scholarship that is not specific to a certain school, state, or even education level is the Annual Create A Greeting Card contest. This scholarship is hosted by The Gallery Collection, and awards a $10,000 scholarship to the winner. The pretense is simple: create a greeting card that they can use in their collection. Designing such a greeting card could be fun, and getting it accepted would be an amazing thing to have in your portfolio.

 Many Opportunities Available For Those Who Need Art Scholarships and Grants

Art Scholarships and Grants

Another scholarship is the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Scholarship Competition. The award for this scholarship is a full one-year scholarship to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. This scholarship has many categories, including fashion executive of tomorrow, digital media artist of tomorrow, and trend spotter of tomorrow. If you are interested in attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, this scholarship is definitely important to check out.

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is another excellent source of art scholarships. This foundation gives out roughly two hundred awards per year. To be eligible you must be pursuing a degree in graphic communications,

printing technology, printing management or publishing. Students who are accepted for this scholarship must make a commitment to raise awareness about the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation through Facebook, and recruit a certain amount of students to apply to the scholarship. This commitment varies depending on the number of years they have accepted the scholarship. The average scholarship amount distributed is $2,000, but scholarships are award up to $5,000. This scholarship is renewable up to four years, provided the Facebook and recruiting commitments are met.

There are many art scholarships and grants out there. You should check to see if your school offers a scholarship in your medium of choice. If not, it is definitely worth entering many scholarship competitions. There are also many art competitions that are not strictly scholarship based where you can earn money towards your education. It is important to try to enter and apply for as many art scholarships as possible, as they are often competition based, and art is a highly subjective thing to judge. Just because a piece doesn’t do well in one competition, doesn’t mean it won’t do well in another. The important thing is to not get discouraged and to keep practicing to get your choice of the available art scholarships.

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