DCE Scholarship

The Importance of a DCE Scholarship

A DCE scholarship is a scholarship that is presented by the department of collegiate education. These scholarships are numerous and there are many different types available. The following is a sample of the types of scholarships available:

• Muslim Nadir Girls Scholarship-pays RS 125 per year, awarded to a first year girls student.

• Merit Scholarships to the Children of School teachers-awarded to children of teachers

• Music and Fine arts

• Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship

• Sanskrit scholarship

This is only a short list, and these DCE scholarship should be investigated further for qualifications and award amounts. There are also various scholarships available through individual schools. (The preceding list was compiled from information from the DCE, Government of Kerala.) Many students are awarded scholarships based on the annual essay competition. The awards for this competition are high in comparison with other possible scholarships. A well written essay can mean funding for an entire year of school.

Only three scholarships are awarded in this contest, so you can imagine that the competition is fierce. The national Hindi scholarship is awarded to a student that chooses to study the Hindi language. There are 325 new awards given out each year, and some scholarships are renewed, depending on the number of application received. A language scholarship is awarded each year to students that choose to study English, Kannada or Sanskrit. There are 29 scholarships awarded and renewal is dependent on the number of new application received.

For Anglo Indian students, there are even DCE scholarship in which tuition or fees paid to a University may be reimbursed. These reimbursements must be applied for and the amount reimbursed will depend on the University fee structure. These are DCE scholarships devoted to increasing educational opportunities for young people in the schools in Indian colleges. The Department of collegiate Education was created in 1960. It serves students in the entire country and there are 6 regional offices which are geographically spread throughout the nation.

Many of these easy scholarships are merit based and are awarded to students in specific courses of study. Due to the fact that the scholarships are renewable, the amount given out each year is based on the number of applications. Due to the fact that many people apply, it is wise to know all of the qualifications for a particular scholarship and to apply early for the best outcome.

By knowing when an application is due, the amount of work necessary to qualify, and the possible amount awarded, you can determine exactly what scholarships are beneficial to you. A DCE scholarship can be the beginning of a wonderful educational experience.

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