Gates Millennium Scholarship

The Gates Millennium Scholarship is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation established in 1999. The scholarship plans on giving one thousand minority students each year a full scholarship to any college or university. In order to be eligible for the scholarship you need to be an African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American. You also need to be a citizen, national or legal permanent of the United States. You have to have a GED or a high school gpa of three point three or higher.

You have to enroll into a accredited college in the United States. You have to have participated in community service and or extracurricular activities. You also have to meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria. You have to submit three forms; nominee personal information form, nominator form, and the recommender form. A nominee personal information form is filled out but the person who is applying for the scholarship.

The nominator form needs to be filled out by an educator who can evaluate the students academic record. And the recommender form needs to be filled out by someone who can evaluate the students community service and leadership activities.

Since the Gates Millennium Scholarship has been active they have funded more than fifteen thousand scholars and obtained a seventy nine point nine percent graduation rate in five years. The scholars have enrolled in more than fifteen hundred colleges and universities. Since the program has been around over seven thousand scholars have graduated.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship gives underprivileged minority’s a chance to have an education. The award provides support for the cost of education, renewable rewards for scholars who have maintained satisfactory academic progress, and graduate school funding for computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health or science.

The GMS has helped so many individuals further their education. The goals of GMS is to create future leaders in minority’s so people of all color can make a significant impact in the future of the nation, to help minority’s get an education regardless of their financial situation, and to make success happen for every person regardless of their race.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship is the best choice for minority’s because if you receive it you know for sure you education is fully paid for and with the success rate you know that you will have all the help and mentoring you need!

The Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship Program: 1,000 Opportunities Each Year

As you already know the ill Gates Millennium Scholarship Program is made possible by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s landmark $1 billion contribution to the United Negro College Fund. Unlike many other scholarships, the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship is awarded to 1,000 students each year who are entering college for the first time. The Scholarship is a “good through graduation” grant that provides for the education of the awardeesdees for their entire college careers and, if the Scholar continues in one of a small number of fields (computer science, library science, science, mathematics, public health, education, engineering), graduate school through a doctoral degree, too.too.

In addition to funding the education of those awarded the scholarship, the program also provides mentoring services to the Gates Scholars and online resources that help the Scholars find internships, fellowships and other funding opportunities. The program also offers leadership training courses for the Scholars to maximize their chances of success. An awarded Gates Scholar, as long as he or she maintains the strong grades in college, will not have to pay out of pocket for his or her higher education since the Scholarship Program supplements all other aid.

The scholarship focuses on recognizing students of color who would not otherwise be likely to attend college for reasons of financial need, and who demonstrate excellent leadership and academic skills. The Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship program was created with the goal of increasing the number of racial minorities who attend and graduate from college, and to work to increase the number of racial minorities in fields in which they are underrepresented like social sciences, education, mathematics and natural and computer sciences. In order to apply for the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship, a student must be nominated by an educator who evaluates his or her academic record and recommended by a person who evaluates his or her community service and leadership qualities. The student must also submit a personal information form.

 Students who have a GED are also eligible to apply. The applications come from throughout the U.S. and are reviewed according to the criteria set out by the Gates Foundation in its original gift – academics, leadership and community service. Since the Gates Millennium Scholarship was founded, 15,000 students have received grants. The graduation rate for Millennium Scholarship recipients is nearly 80% in five years, which is nearly double the average rate of graduation from four year college for African-American students in six years, and 25 percentage points higher than the average for all races in six years. The Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship is, by that account, an unqualified success.

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