JPA Scholarship

Malaysian students who want to pursue higher education may be interested in the JPA Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to students who do well on their SPM examinations. Students do not have to study in Malaysia to qualify for this scholarship; a limited number of scholarships are available for Malaysian students who wish to study at private universities in certain other countries.

Currently, the scholarship covers universities in the United Kingdom, the United States and Malaysia. Engineering students may also qualify to receive a scholarship to study in Germany. Requirements To qualify for the JPA Scholarship, students must pass their SPM examinations with a score of 9A+ or above. These examinations are given to students at the end of their final year of secondary studies. The examination requirement is the only requirement for qualifying for this scholarship.

The JPA Scholarship Allows Malaysian Students to Pursue Higher Education

While in the past, students had to meet a variety of qualifications, they no longer have to do so. The Malaysian government does not examine the student’s academic record or his parents’ financial situation anymore. It chooses to base the JPA Scholarship solely on test scores so that there is no possibility that students of a particular racial or religious background are treated preferentially.

The only other requirement besides the examination score requirement is that the student be under a certain age, depending on the type of higher education he intends to pursue. Students pursuing their first diploma (equivalent to a Bachelors degree in the United States) must be under the age of 26, while students pursuing the equivalent of Masters degrees may be up to 36 years old. Students training to be government officials can be up to 45 years old.

Description The JPA Scholarship completely pays the student’s tuition while he is in school. When the student finishes his studies, he must return to Malaysia and work for the Malaysian government for an indefinite period of time. How to Apply Interested students may apply for this scholarship online.

Once they make their application, the JPA scholarships committee will review it and contact those students who qualify for an interview. Students must be able to discuss their future plans, their financial needs and the reasons they are applying for the scholarship. The JPA then makes a final determination of who gets the scholarship. Malaysian students who wish to study either in Malaysia or abroad should consider this scholarship.

To prepare for the scholarship, students should maintain high grades and participate in extra-curricular activities throughout their secondary education. The JPA Scholarship continually revises its rules to make it fairer for all students, so students should read all current rules.

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