Educational Scholarships for High School Seniors

As many students are preparing to leave high school and enter college, they will be looking for scholarships for high school seniors. In today’s world, with the uncertainty of the job market, students are trying to avoid taking out loans for college. There are many scholarships available and for the motivated student, it is possible to go through college without going into any debt. The first tip for receiving scholarships for high school seniors is to plan ahead. Many scholarship applications are due in December of your senior year and sometimes even for high school seniors

These applications are usually put out in the spring and summer months, and a well-prepared student can use the summer break to prepare applications as well as to write essays for the scholarships. Junior year is the best time to plan. Talk to your guidance counselor and have him recommended scholarships to apply for.

The guidance counselor has probably worked with hundreds of students and will know which scholarships to apply for and which ones to pass over. Another tip is do some research on your own time. Are you planning on majoring in engineering? Look up engineering scholarships and see what is available to you!

There are many companies like Siemens that offer scholarships for high school seniors to bright students in specific fields of study. The second tip is to look at the scholarships available. When students apply for college, there is usually a separate application for scholarships, one that focuses primarily on community involvement and leadership experience rather than grades.

List of Scholarships for High School Seniors in 2012: Check back often as new scholarships are added weekly.

Tips on Securing  ‘ Scholarships Awarded to High School Seniors ‘

This application is literally your “time to shine.” Maybe you don’t have the best grades, but you’ve volunteered teaching reading lessons five hours a week for the past two years. Schools love to see that students have interests outside the classroom and even a student without a 4.0 grade point average can receive scholarships for their community involvement.

Most of these scholarships are available at public universities. The last tip on scholarships for high school seniors is to prepare for failure. There are hundreds of students who apply for these scholarships and even qualified students will not always be awarded them. However, this is not meant to be discouraging. Apply to more than one scholarship and look for ones that are well-suited to your educational background and interests.

There Are Many Options High School Seniors

Many students are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of scholarships for high school seniors and do not know where to start when attempting to select one to apply for. Furthermore, some students can be confused about the importance of scholarships, and may not understand why it is imperative that they put effort into finding the right one for them, or ask a mentor for help in doing so. Scholarships are incredibly important for all high school seniors due to the financial aid that they would provide. This can be especially helpful for students who wish to attend a school with a tuition fee that they cannot afford out of pocket, as well as for those who are looking to minimize their student loans.

The process of applying to a scholarship (once one has been chosen) is often fairly simple and, much of the time, requires the applicant to write an essay explaining why they feel they would be a good candidate to receive the scholarship money being offered. However, there are a fair amount of scholarships for high school seniors which do not require the applicant to write an essay, so students who are not strong writers may find those preferable. Students must also be mindful of deadlines, and make sure to read about their chosen scholarships before applying.

It is not uncommon for a scholarship program to have a short application window. High school seniors can apply for a very wide range of scholarships, from the practical to the downright strange; by doing research on the internet, one can find scholarships for everything from academic merit to creative ability, as well as smaller prizes for fun contests that are unrelated to schoolwork in any way. If a student excels in art, there are a plethora of art-centric scholarships to choose from; the same can be said if a student is very skilled in math or the sciences.


There are so many scholarships for high school seniors available today that it is beneficial to find the right one to apply for. Working hard at these programs would be a great advantage for any student planning to attend college.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of ethnicity, grades, community involvement and so much more. Understanding that your unique personality and traits are valuable will be essential when searching for scholarships for high school seniors.

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