Scholarships for Women Scholarships for Women

Since 1848, when the Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY won women the right to higher education, universities have provided a plethora of women with access to a college degree, and intrigued them with scholarships for women. Attending college can influence your future in positive ways. It brings job opportunities, teaches you to interact with others in professional settings, teaches responsibility for self, and inspires a drive to succeed. Women should absolutely take advantage of the prospects offered by attending college.

Today, it is hard to imagine a world without female college students. However, it took years after the decision in Seneca Falls before women were equally represented in the college population. Women fought against the popular opinion that going to college would prevent a woman from getting married. These women believed it was important to pursue further education. Most of these early woman college attendees did not expect to use their degrees for any purpose, as the traditional role of the woman was as housewife and mother.

These women simply went to college to broaden their minds and interests. There were a few exceptions, such as Ellen Swallow Richards, the first woman to attend M.I.T., who later became the United States first female professional chemist after obtaining her bachelor’s degree. Woman like these helped to set a precedent for college attending females for years to come. As the women’s rights movement progressed and culminated in women being granted equal status under the law in 1920, more opportunities for women became available. It became more socially acceptable for women to attend college and scholarships for women made education available to some who otherwise would not have had the opportunity.

If you are a woman looking to achieve your educational goals by attending college, now is the time to begin applying for scholarships! Get information on which scholarships are available to you based on your financial need, your academic history, and the individual attributes that make you, you. Many scholarships are available to women only. You should apply for as many scholarships for women as possible, even if you’re uncertain if you meet the qualifications. Sometimes, very few applicants, or only one applicant, applies for a given scholarship – your odds may be better than you expect!

Companies from Microsoft to Coca-Cola provide scholarships to those in need, so apply today! You may be pleasantly surprised by the results, and glad you asked about scholarships for women.

Rise to Professionalism: Scholarships for Women

Women are constantly closing the gap between themselves and men; however women are still out numbered in the professional career field which is why many companies are creating more and more scholarships for women. Large corporations such as Microsoft and IBM have created scholarships to promote careers for women. When it comes to financing a college education, many are discouraged and tend to walk away.

College education is expensive, and any help is appreciated by both men and women. There are scholarships for women from all walks of life. There are scholarships for women of a certain ethnicity or age, single moms, or for certain career fields. Microsoft offers the WAM (Women At Microsoft) Scholarship for women wanting to pursue a career in computer sciences and other related fields.

For those wanting a career in business, one could receive $5,000 from the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship. There are women specific scholarships for many career fields including: history, accounting, engineering, and nursing. There are also ethnic scholarships for women such as the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women, and the National Society of Black Engineers Scholarship for African American women studying is the field of engineering and science. For moms there is the A.N.T.S.H.E. (Association of Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education) Scholarship, the Displaced Homemakers scholarships, and several more.

Women are making a stand in today’s professional careers, and are expanding into male dominate fields. Eventually, women will no longer be a minority in the career market. Over the past century, women have made incredible headway and have proven that they can work and out work the best that there is. A college education will act as the keystone in the takeover of the male dominate professional world by women. With a college education today’s woman could waltz straight to the top of some of today’s major corporations. Women have many advantages over men, especially being a minority and a new player in professional fields.

Women should use these advantages to gain every chance at a college education that they can. No need to wait for a hand out, there are literally thousands of scholarship opportunities waiting for a deserving applicant. When choosing a career field to go into, women should look into every scholarship that they could possibly get. There is an endless list of scholarships for women, and one could earn their undergraduate degree with very little out of pocket.

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