Walmart Scholarship

Walmart Scholarship

There are two types of Walmart scholarships. The Walmart Foundation Scholarship Program makes funding available to students who apply and meet certain criteria. The two Walmart Scholarships are the Walmart Associate Scholarship and the Walmart Dependent Scholarship. These funding opportunities for students are available to Walmart employees and their dependents, such as their children.

The scholarships are administered through the ACT testing service, which also staffs the review committees that choose recipients to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Associates or applying dependents must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. to be eligible to apply for the scholarships. U.S. associates who have worked for Walmart for at least six months are eligible to apply for the Walmart Associate Scholarship.

This Walmart scholarship, if awarded, can be used for undergraduate or graduate education and for American Public University courses for associates, but only one Walmart scholarship can be awarded per degree pursued. Associates who apply must have a GED or high school diploma and must be able to show financial need, and need to complete paperwork at least twice annually to renew their scholarships once awarded.

Walmart Scholarship for Students Who Seek Education Funding

The Walmart Dependent Scholarship is a competitive scholarship for which dependents of Walmart associates or Sam’s Club employees in the U.S. who have worked for Walmart for six months or more may apply. In 2011 and earlier years, this Walmart scholarship was awarded for one year and were not renewable. However, in 2012, the associate Walmart scholarship was changed so that awardees could apply to have their scholarships renewed for up to four years of study and $13,000 Students with a GPA over 2.0 (a C average) are eligible to apply and only students who are graduating seniors may apply for this scholarship. See Scholarships for High School Seniors

Students must show a financial need for the scholarship in order to be eligible to apply for it. The application period for the scholarship is usually January through March . Students must ultimately attend an accredited college or university to receive the scholarship, which is paid each semester.

The scholarship money can be used for fees and books as well as for tuition. In prior years, the Walmart Foundation Scholarship Fund awarded a scholarship named for the Walmart founder Sam Walton, but that prize has been discontinued in favor of the two active programs. The current Walmart scholarship for associates and their dependents focus on providing funds to deserving members of the Walmart team.

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