Weird Scholarships That Seem Too Odd to Be True

Looking for weird scholarships that you might be able to use to help finance your college education? It isn’t a bad strategy, with thousands of foundation dollars out there ready to be used by students who fit the profile that donors look for when handing out scholarships. There will always be plenty of students who have immaculate volunteer records and good grades.

But how many can qualify for awards such as the “13th Street Gang Scholarship”, available to graduates of elementary schools on 13th street in Reading, Pennsylvania. Perhaps your brain power isn’t exceptional but your stature is; you can apply for scholarships that reward you for being short or tall. You can thank your parents for that one. If you have special hobbies or interest, don’t discount them for your college funding, even if it’s as simple as a game of marbles.

If you enjoy knitting, you might be able to get some help with your schooling from the yarn company Jimmy Bean’s Wool. Trekkies can even receive a scholarship for speaking Klingon. Consider any other unusual characteristics you may have. If you’re a twin, for example, you can receive a 50% discount at George Washington University. Of course, you have to convince your twin to attend with you. Not all weird scholarships require specific genes or even abilities. Some, like the Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Award, donates scholarship money for those who get active with community service.

What’s weird about that? Well, if you want to win, you have to submit a picture of yourself with a milk mustache and write an essay about how milk does your body good. Check your last name for weird scholarships too; believe it or not, you can receive money just because your last name is Zolp. For the Zolp Scholarship at Loyola University, you need to be Catholic as well.

Some of these wacky scholarships require the least amount of talent or effort. For example, if you like eating meat, apply to the National Beef Ambassador Program and get paid to promote beef consumption. If you’re daring, you can attend the prom in an outfit made out of duct tape.

The reward is a scholarship from Duck Brand duct tape. Muster a bit of interest (however momentary that may be) in fire sprinklers so you can read a short essay from the American Fire Sprinkler Association. Take an open-book test and you can win money for your studies. Applying for financial aid is hard work, but weird scholarships make it a little more enjoyable.

Some Weird Scholarships , We Mean Fun, Scholarships

Weird Scholarships

The Grandparents Gone Wired Scholarship is one wacky scholarship that simply asks you to help your grandparents enter the digital age by showing them how to use websites like Facebook and Gmail. It’s not every day that you find weird scholarships like this that lets you have some fun, goes beyond the conventional standards of what a scholarship should be, and allows you some room for creativity.

All you have to do is teach your grandparent(s), or any senior citizen who you think would like to learn how to use technology or would benefit from it, how to use Facebook, Twitter, and/or Gmail. You are not required to teach them how to use all of them, that is up to you to decide. For example, you can teach your grandparent how to navigate Facebook, or how to make a call using Skype, or show them how to use Gmail. That’s right; simply teach them how to use the websites most of us use on a daily for fun!

Aside from the lesson, the only other requirements are that you must document your lesson by either taking pictures or recording it and then submit a short entry form. While the entry form and documentation are necessary, both requirements should be seen as opportunities to make, and document, memories that will last for years to come. Also, technology is becoming more and more prevalent every day, so much so that it has become extremely inconvenient to be inept when it comes to using it. Helping an elderly person might help you pay for college, but it will help those individuals to become proficient with technologies that are quickly becoming common place.

Everyone who takes action in the campaign and tells them about their experience becomes eligible for one of their $500 weird scholarships, a chance to win an iPad, and if you get ten of your friends to sign up, you will win a $10 dollar iTunes gift card! In order to be eligible, you simply have to be a current student, a U.S. or Canadian citizen, and under the age of 25. That’s it. These weird scholarships also gives you a great opportunity to be creative by providing you with the choice of filming or photographing your tutorial.

So go out and teach your grandparents how to use these sites and bring them into the 21st century already! You’ll also be making their day. And if that isn’t enough of an incentive, did I mention free money for school you get for simply applying to these weird scholarships?

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